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The Equestrian Club is an associative Willowhill equestrian center open to all types of levels: beginners and experts. Young and old are welcome to share the passion for horses and teach riding in a friendly atmosphere.

The club's mission is to make you love the equestrian world, his horses and ponies. We give riding lessons and dressage but not only! At the Club, you can also practice the following disciplines:

- Western Riding: it is riding practiced originally by the "cowboys". Disciplines such as reining or gymkhana are particularly practiced.

- Horse-ball: team sport whose roots come to us from an ancient Asian Equestrian play. Two teams of four or six riders compete and must send a ball into the goal after a pass game. The horse-ball is a kind of basketball adapted to riding.

- Hunter: commonly practiced in the United States, through discipline between jumping and dressage in which the horse and rider is noted in relation to their style.

- Pony games (= mounted games) games per team consisting of a series of relay events where riders must demonstrate athleticism and agility (back on his horse at a gallop, moving balls on the cones ...)

- Horse riding: simply travel on horseback. This activity is widely practiced, has the particularity to be exercised "at home", without any connection with a professional equestrian organization.

- Jumping: Olympic equestrian discipline most practiced in competition and in which a horse and rider jumping in Mobile obstacles bars. Its fun and spectacular aspects and the simplicity of its rules are there for many.

We welcome you throughout the year, from Monday to Saturday in our structure to discover the joys of riding through hazing, development, aerobatics or forest walks.
The team is young and dynamic, taking care to meet the needs of each rider and remains attentive to each of them.

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