Horse Riding in US
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How to start a horses breeding ??

The equestrian activity is a passion that is always seen to be evolved. The most convincing evolution of this activity is, logically, starting a horse breeding done by itself. Obviously, between riding a horse and raise them, there is a big difference because it will require prerequisite at all levels. So know the horse breeding bases already will put the voice to be really good in the field.

General information on horse breeding

When we talk about raising horses, we do not refer only to the use of equipment such as used french saddles to mount, it's a step and a structure of daily work. Above all, we must know that raising horses means to care. It will therefore distribute the daily diet of these animals, clean the stalls and make the basic care namely grooming and cleaning the feet, for example. It goes without saying that it will accompany each equine in its growth by making him do workouts. Also, it will be important to monitor the breeding animals in order to improve the breed. We talk including monitoring of oestrus mares, mating, pregnancy and ultrasounds until the birth of foals.

Raising horses: Training foremost

The horse breeder work is very delicate, which is why adequate training is mandatory before they can claim the trade. As part of this training so it will be important to clarify that it begins even before the tray. It will therefore take the diploma CAPA equine healer or a BEPA equestrian activities or a horse BPA. At school, he will continue the studies conducted with a professional baccalaureate and management of the farm in the specialty "Production of the horse" or a pro CGEA tray or conduct and management of the agricultural operation will do. After high school, the BTSA livestock mention driving a horse breeding and development of young horses will be the way forward. It is important to note that this training will be in 2 years.

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