Horse Riding in US
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Why we love french equipment in horse riding ?

The principles of the French tradition of riding are harmonious relations between man and horse, the importance of cultural heritage, not frozen transmission of tradition and logic without the constraints of competitive sport .

The philosophy behind the French tradition of riding is based on the harmonious relationship between man and horse, obtained through in-depth mutual understanding, intimate and discreet. This attentive listening and mutual helps build a relationship between horse and rider, in which the horse is not subject to the rider, this relationship and the economy of the forces behind it, provides a vital point the French tradition of riding, namely the "lightness", the rider reached by the absence of effects of force and coercion, and the fluidity of movement in the leadership and flexibility of joints.

Besides knowledge of the animal itself (operation, psychology, anatomy ...), man (control of emotions and the body), it needs to know the rules incorporated doctrine essential for "dialogue" as a sort of coherent, logical and common grammar. Of course, body flexibility and control of movements experienced by specific gymnastics are complemented by a state of mind called "horse man" combine competence and respect for others.

The authenticity and sincerity of this relationship have given it the name of "education of princes" because the horse is never courtier. Rather, it is for the rider to earn the esteem of his horse.

A community at the service of horses and riders

The community has the desire to establish a nearly ideal relationship with the horse without violence (which excludes the systematic use of restraints such as reins ), in mutual respect and to obtain lightness.
This respect for the horse and rider is also expressed through making French saddlers .
This rare know-how covers the manufacture of traditional horse saddles and willingness to manufacture "tailor-made ". That's why we love french equipment in horse riding.

Of course, you can find used french saddles at Equitack.

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