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How to choose a saddle for the first time on a horse ?

The saddle is essential for the horse because a horse without rider is useless, that's why you must choose the best saddle for your horse. Here are the steps that you have to follow when you buy saddle.

Your knowledge about the saddles

Obviously, when we talk about model’s saddle, there are twenty types of saddle following the discipline of the horse but the origin of the mark also. For you, there are two types of saddle, and the one is made of synthetic material and the other is a leather one. A leather saddle can be in different categories such as an old saddle or a new saddle. But no matter what the kind of saddle that you buy, it's important to take care about the details below.

The right choice of saddle

The saddle must fit the back of the horse, and you have a wooden model to check everything, but the important thing is the level of the withers. You can get information for the saddle test, because every detail is important.

The saddle corresponding to your budget

You should know that the horse is the pet that requires a huge budget, it is especially at the level of equipment that it requires money. A saddle is expensive especially the used antares saddles which are an outstanding brand and leader in its field. Otherwise, for the budget, Thorowgood saddle is perfect because it offers a custom saddle.

The best saddle for beginners

A multipurpose saddle is appropriate for all types of riding. And then his semi-hollow seat and wide are enough and makes it pleasant for walks. Its slightly inclined front quarter allows you to accompany you to overcome obstacles. It is a "mixed" all-purpose saddle in which you will have a good position for flat work as well.

A saddle too small will hurt your horse, and it will be even the galley to saddle this horse if this saddle is not good.

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